Job Opportunity: Observatory Scientists at Arecibo Observatory

Arecibo Observatory, now managed by a group led by the University of Central Florida (UCF), is hiring observatory scientists for the planetary radar and radio astronomy groups. We would like to direct your attention to the job advertisements on the “Jobs With UCF” website, where you can see preferred qualifications, duties, expectations, and information on how to apply:

In general, we are seeking scientists who can support the observational programs at the observatory as well as maintain an independent research program.

For planetary radar, the hires will assist in the execution of the current planetary science radar programs at AO, among other duties.

For radio astronomy, the hires will be expected to participate in enabling Areciboโ€™s user community to obtain the best possible scientific results from the telescope, among other duties.

Questions about these positions may be directed to Francisco (Cla) Cordova, Director, Arecibo Observatory, University of Central Florida, 787-878-2612 ext. 212.