New OPAG Chair and Steering Committee Members

We are pleased to announce that Jeffrey Moore (NASA Ames) will be the new OPAG Chair beginning with the September 11–12 OPAG meeting in Pasadena. Linda Spilker will continue as Deputy Chair, and Alfred McEwen will remain on the steering committee as past chair.

We are also pleased to announce five new steering committee members:

Morgan Cable (JPL)
Kathleen Mandt (APL)
Lynnae Quick (CEPS, Smithsonian Institution)
Abigail Rymer (APL)
Thomas Spilker (consultant)

We thank past members who will be rotating off the committee:

Jason Barnes (U. Idaho)
Patricia Beauchamp (JPL)
Julie Rathbun (PSI)
Elizabeth Turtle (APL)

2018 OPAG Goals Document

If you haven’t already had a chance to read it, an extensively revised draft goals document for the Outer Planets Assessment Group is posted at  Community comments are also available to review by visiting the OPAG Discussion Board at  We plan to provide a 2018 version of this document to the Discovery program library, and will take into consideration the comments that were posted on the discussion board by July 2. The goals document will continue to be updated for input to the next Decadal Survey.

– OPAG Steering Committee


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