GSA 2018 Session T152 Grain to Global Perspectives of Mars: Evolving Views of the Martian Sedimentary Rock Record

We solicit contributions to a session at this year’s GSA Annual Meeting to take place November 4-7 in Indianapolis, Indiana. This session synthesizes recent research on the origin, deposition, and alteration of sediments on Mars. We seek contributions investigating the stratigraphy, chemistry, and mineralogy of Mars’ sedimentary record using rover, orbital, and terrestrial analog data. We especially encourage new research on the martian sedimentary rock record using orbital datasets such as HiRISE/CTX/CRISM/OMEGA, rover observations from the MSL Curiosity and MER Opportunity rovers, and laboratory and terrestrial analog studies.

Abstract submission deadline: August 14, 2018 

Additional information can be found at: 


Briony Horgan (Purdue University)

Samantha Gwizd (University of Tennessee)

Rachel E. Kronyak (University of Tennessee)

Vivian Sun (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)