Job Opportunity: PhD Position in Numerical Modeling UT Austin

The Geological Porous Media Group has a funded PhD position to develop models for asteroid evolution starting in the summer/fall 2019. The aim of this project is to develop three-dimensional models for the hydrothermal evolution of chondritic and achondritic meteorite parent bodies to determine: (1) heating and cooling histories and mechanisms, (2) influence of breakup and reassembly and it’s on asteroid evolution, (3) partial melting and differentiation, (4) conditions and mechanisms of crustal formation. The motivation for this study is recent petrologic observations suggesting that the LL chondrite parent body cooled at a rate >1 C/y from a temperature of ~950 C, implying that it was catastrophically fragmented and quenched from its peak metamorphic temperature. This project is part of a collaboration that will apply new thermometers to constrain the high-temperature evolution chondritic and achondritic meteorite parent asteroids.

The ideal applicant has an interest in applied mathematics, solid/fluid mechanics and numerical methods. Applicants without background in planetary science should have a genuine interest in understanding asteroid evolution. Please visit the website of the Geological Porous Media Group¬†at the University of Texas at Austin for more information and contact Marc Hesse if you are interested in the position or have any questions ([email protected]).