The Venus Exploration Analysis Group (VEXAG) will be conducting a multi-step campaign through March 2019 to develop a coherent set of Venus Exploration Decadal Survey White Papers.

1) Link to Pre-Decadal White Paper VEXAG encourages all Venus community members to consider short, to the point Decadal Survey White Papers. A spreadsheet for these contributions is:ย

This link and links to the white papers themselves will be on the VEXAG website.

2) Key Document Revisions:ย The VEXAG Goals, Objectives, and Investigations (GOI), Venus Roadmap, and Venus Technology Plan documents are being revised in preparation for the next Decadal Survey.

2a) Access to the Key VEXAG Documents (12/21/18): The current working drafts of each document will be posted on the VEXAG for community review and comments

2b) Venus Community Telecon (Monday, 2/4/19): A public open telecon to discuss these documents will be held from 4-6pm EDT. This telecon will cover current versions of the documents.

2c) Predecadal Review Session at LPSC (Sunday, 3/17/19): VEXAG will host a special review session immediately before LPSC from 1-4 pm CDT to solicit additional feedback on these key documents. Additional information (e.g., call in numbers, schedules) will be posted to the VEXAG website.