LPI Announces Publication of Enceladus and the Icy Moons of Saturn

The Lunar and Planetary Institute is pleased to announce the release of Enceladus and the Icy Moons of Saturn, the latest volume in the prestigious Space Science Series, published by The University of Arizona Press. As a new volume in the Space Science Series, Enceladus and the Icy Moons of Saturn brings together nearly eighty of the world’s top experts writing more than twenty chapters to set the foundation for what we currently understand, while building the framework for the highest-priority questions to be addressed through ongoing spacecraft exploration. Topics include the physics and processes driving the geologic and geophysical phenomena of icy worlds, including, but not limited to, ring-moon interactions, interior melting due to tidal heating, ejection and reaccretion of vapor and particulates, ice tectonics, and cryovolcanism. READ MORE »