Dawn FC2 Ceres Shape Model

The Planetary Data System is pleased to announce the first PDS-wide announcement of any Dawn data. The Ceres regional Digital Terrain Map of the Occator region has been constructed from the Framing Camera 2 instrument of the Dawn Mission to Ceres and Vesta.

The data can be accessed from:ย  https://pds.nasa.gov/datasearch/subscription-service/SS-20190102.shtmlย or more directly fromย https://sbn.psi.edu/pds/resource/dawn/dwncfcshape.html

Future Dawn releases will include all of the 2nd extended mission at Ceres, expected to be archived during 2019. To receive email announcements of future releases of Dawn data, please subscribe at:ย  https://pds.nasa.gov/datasearch/subscription-service/top.cfm

To access all data archived in the PDS:ย  https://pds.nasa.gov

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