SBAG 20 – Jan. 29-31 in Houston – WE WILL HAVE A MEETING

To the Small Bodies community:

We have decided to proceed with SBAG 20, the meeting of the Small Bodies Assessment Group, at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, January 29-31. While we were, like everyone else, hoping that the partial government shutdown would be resolved long before this, the folks who will be running the meeting for us work for organizations that have not run out of money yet, and there was a feeling among the Steering Committee that it is important to have a meeting of some sort, and that a physical meeting (with a virtual option) was preferable, particularly if the shutdown resolves in the next week or two.

A preliminary agenda is attached. The majority of the time is not taken up by presentations by NASA employees, although there are some of those.

If the shutdown is still in effect, we will primarily add gaps to the schedule at those times. We will, however, post any changes to the SBAG listserv (the website support may run out of money).

If you are one of the speakers, please note when you are scheduled.

Hannah Susorney (cc’d) will be in touch with details about your presentation.

Thanks, and I hope to see many of you, or at least to be able to interact with you via Adobe Connect.