EPSC-DPS Session SB1: Dynamical and Physical Characterization of Small Bodies with Gaia and the New Generation of Surveys

European Planetary Science Congress-Division for Planetary Sciences (EPSC-DPS)ย Session SB1 welcomes abstracts describing results, developments, and perspectives on the discovery or the physical and dynamical characterization of the small bodies of our solar system using ground based and space-borne telescopic surveys. Results related to the utilization of the stellar and solar system objects catalogs published in Gaia DR2 are especially welcomed.

This session invites also abstracts about future Gaia data releases and their perspectives (asteroid mass measurements, the detection of Yarkovsky acceleration on objects, and spin/shape properties from photometry), as well as other future surveys or missions.

The abstract submission deadline is May 8, 2019, 13:00 CEST.ย  Please use the below link to learn more about this session and to submit an abstract:


We look forward to a great meeting in Geneva.

The conveners,

Paolo Tanga, Federica Spoto, Joseph Masiero