EPSC-DPS Session EXO10/TP11

Advances in Developing Quantitative and Realistic Models of Terrestrial Planet Formation and Their Chemical Compositions

Abstracts are welcome to the EPSC-DPS 2019 session EXO10/TP11 on the formation of terrestrial planets in our solar system and extrasolar planets. The past few years have witnessed great advances in the theories of planet formation and computational simulations of impacts in planetary systems. These advances have played fundamental roles in reshaping models of terrestrial planet formation and have placed them on the path to becoming quantitative (and, therefore, predictive). They have also paved the way for more realistic extension of these models to other planetary systems. We invite abstracts for oral and poster contributions from all areas related to theoretical, observational and experimental studies of terrestrial planet formation in our solar system and extrasolar planets.

Abstract deadline: May 8, 2019

Session website: https://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EPSC-DPS2019/session/34023

Nader Haghighipour
Thomas Maindl

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