EPSC-DPS-Session SB2: Laboratory Measurements and Models for Cometary, Asteroidal, Dwarf Planet and Meteoric Material Studies Including Organic Matter Studies

We would like to invite you to submit a contribution to session SB2: “Laboratory measurements and models for cometary, asteroidal, dwarf planet and meteoric material studies including organic matter studies” for this year’s joint EPSC-DPS conference.

This session aims to highlight the new challenges and the missing bricks needed to understand the composition of primitive bodies through laboratory works and models.
The session focuses on the origin of inorganic and organic matter in different astrophysical environments and welcomes contributions on laboratory investigations and models of parent bodies of various meteorite groups, asteroids, comets and dwarf planets such as: a) experimental work related to the dust-regolith composition; b) observation and characterization of laboratory analogues; c) models of comet formation, and interior structure of asteroids with implications for parent body processes and evolution of small bodies in our solar system.

The session will also focus on experimental, theoretical and observational topics specifically aimed to the study organic matter in planetary bodies, including a) detection and evolution of organic compounds in the interstellar medium; b) characterization and evolution of the organic matter in the primitive bodies (meteorites, comets, IDPs); c) observation and distribution of the organic matter in the protosolar disk and planetary surfaces.

More information about the session and a link to abstract submission can be found at:


The abstract deadline is 08 May 2019.

Best regards,
The Conveners