EPSC-DPS Sessions TP13 & TP14: Planetary Dynamics

We invite contributions to the following two joint sessions at the EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2019. These sessions address investigations of planetary objects, from asteroids and comets to planets, using a variety of methods and measurements.

Planetary Dynamics I: Shape, Gravity, Orbit, Tides, and Rotation from Observations and Models

Shape, gravity field, orbit, tidal deformation, and rotation state are fundamental geodetic parameters of any planet, satellite, asteroid, or comet. Measurements of these parameters are prerequisites for e.g. spacecraft navigation and mapping from orbit, but also for modelling of the interior and evolution of the object. This session welcomes contributions from all aspects of planetary geodesy, including the relevant theories, observations and models.

Planetary Dynamics II: Linking models and data on the evolution and interior dynamics of planets and satellites

Data collected through telescopic observations, remote sensing instruments onboard spacecrafts, and in-situ experiments are often the result of processes that take place in the interior of planetary bodies on a variety of spacial scales and on long to very long temporal scales. This session invites contributions addressing these kind of planetary datasets or presenting new models based on geophysical, geodynamical, or geochemical investigations applied to planets in our solar system and around other stars.

The abstract deadline is 8 May 2019.

The Conveners