Small Bodies Assessment Group Steering Committee Candidate Solicitation

There are up to four positions open on the Steering Committee of the Small Bodies Assessment Group (SBAG), starting in August 2019.

The SBAG Steering Committee organizes SBAG meetings, writes the official SBAG findings, and takes a leadership role in other activities where community input on topics of interest is needed. The Steering Committee members should be as diverse as the community, in terms of topical interest (asteroids, comets, meteoroids, TNOs, KBOs, observational, experimental, computational, sample handling, etc.), demographics, experience, type of employer (commercial, small business, academia, government), and other parameters.

We are looking for members with expertise in the following areas:

  • SBAG Planetary Defense Lead – We desire an individual who is actively involved in studying Planetary Defense and is aware of the current challenges and progress in this field, to lead SBAG activities relating to Planetary Defense.
  • Early Career Secretary – We try to encourage the participation of scientists and engineers early in their careers. The Early Career Secretary will assist with meeting and website logistics, as well as serve as a full member of the Steering Committee. We invite graduate students, postdocs, and other early career scientists or engineers (within 3 years of PhD/MS/BS) to apply.
  • At-large members (1 or 2) – Any member of the small bodies community is welcome to apply.

Terms are for three years, except for the Early Career Secretary, which is a two and one-half year term.

Application for Steering Committee Membership requires a) a two-page CV, which should include a description of participation in SBAG or other small bodies community organizations, and b) a short (one-page or equivalent) statement of interest. Previous participation in SBAG is preferred, but not required.

To indicate your willingness to serve in any of these positions, please email Tim Swindle ([email protected]) by June 17, 2019, and include a two-page CV and your statement of interest. The current Steering Committee will select new members at the 21st Meeting of SBAG, June 24-25, 2019.

A more complete description of the responsibilities and eligibility requirements for SBAG Steering Committee membership is in the attached guidelines.

Tim Swindle, SBAG Steering Committee Chair