Job Opportunity: Postdoc Position on Modeling the Fate of Volatile Elements during Accretion and Early Differentiation of Rocky Planets

The CLEVER Planets (Cycles of Life-Essential Volatile Elements in Rocky Planets) team and Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences at Rice University are seeking applicants for a postdoctoral scholar position who would explore dynamical and geochemical fingerprints of accretion and magma ocean processes, searching for conditions of producing thermo-chemically habitable rocky planets. The focus will be tracking the fate of life-essential volatile elements, C, N, H, and S in our Solar System and other exoplanetary systems from the protoplanetary disk to the end of magma ocean stage via dynamical and geochemical modeling. The contract will be initially for 1 year and is renewable for up to 3 years based on progress and performance. The salary would commensurate with experience. The position will be based out of Rice University but the post-doctoral candidate will also have the opportunity to interact with astrophysicist and planetary scientist at UCLA and UC Davis and other team members and collaborators.

Please find more details here.


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