2019 AGU Fall Meeting Session ED026 – Engagement Opportunities for Everyone through Science Festivals

Increasing numbers of think pieces and news articles position scientists as experts yet still leave people questioning the science. Now, more than ever, it is crucial for scientists to be present in conversations around scientific subjects. Enter: science festivals. This session will illustrate the power of engaging public audiences with science festivals through descriptions of ongoing events, discussions of evaluation methods and results, and connecting scientists with resources and experts to help them join current festivals, or start their own. For scientists already engaging with public audiences, this session will provide next-steps for communicating their science. This session will focus on what science festivals are, why engagement is important for scientists, and how scientists can connect with this living resource. Abstracts from education/communication professionals and scientists are welcome. Topics of interest may include science communication at live events, scientistsโ€™ engagement and outreach activities, and evaluation.

ED026ย – Engagement Opportunities for Everyone through Science Festivals