2019 AGU Fall Meeting Session: Mars Sample Return

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, December 9-13, 2019

Session ID: 81113 

Session Title: Mars Sample Return: Balancing the Benefits of a New Phase of Mars Exploration Against Potential Risks to Earth, While Communicating Both to the Public 

Section: Planetary Sciences 

In a mission sequence beginning in 2020, NASA and partners plan to assemble martian samples for possible future return, potentially exposing the Earth to relatively fresh material from Mars. Mars samples will be scientifically selected, and stored there for later pick-up. Sample-return mission partners are studying a joint endeavor that would open Mars as a two-way field site for further study. This session will examine a future Mars Sample Return (MSR) campaign, with NASA as systems architect and the lead on an MSR Lander (SRL) mission, and ESA as the lead on an MSR Orbiter mission, providing a Sample Fetch Rover and the Sample Transfer Arm for the SRL. The NASA-provided Sample Capture, Handling, and Containment system and Earth Entry Vehicle would be mounted on the Orbiter, and with a sample receiving facility will be essential to protecting the Earth from sample-exposure risks. Effective public communication will be essential to mission success.

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