OPAG Subsurface Needs for Ocean Worlds (SNOW) Meeting #1

Accessing into and through the ice shells of ocean worlds will both enable compelling science, including the search for evidence of past and present life, and require dedicated technology programs to realize. The Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG) invites members of the astrobiology, planetary science, ocean science and technology communities to join together in a community-based forum aimed at defining the path to the ocean(s). The first Subsurface Needs for Ocean Worlds (SNOW) meeting will be held 9 am-5 pm on August 19, 2019, immediately prior to the fall OPAG meeting in Boulder, Colorado. This one-day workshop is designed to be an open forum to discuss technology needs, common science drivers, and mission architectures for Ocean Worlds exploration. The agenda will include a mixture of short presentations, break out groups, and lighting talks on technology and science.

SNOW meeting #1 will seek to develop plans for Decadal Survey white paper(s) and define action items and agenda for the next meeting (prior to the winter/spring OPAG meeting). Early career scientists are encouraged to participate. For those who receive support for the OPAG meeting, costs to extend the trip to attend SNOW can also be supported.

To register for the meeting, please visit this link: https://forms.gle/bsYWEb8tc2DizvedA

For any questions, please email Britney Schmidt ([email protected]) and/or Kate Craft ([email protected]).