Icarus Special Issue on Kuiper Belt Science

Final Announcement for Icarus Special Issue on Kuiper Belt Science

Discoveries about the Kuiper Belt and Trans-Neptunian Objects have been accelerating over the past two decades. In the last five years, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft initiated the close-up exploration of Kuiper belt objects with the flybys of the Pluto system the cold classical KBO 2014 MU69 (nicknamed Ultima Thule). In addition, many advances have been made in telescopic observations and theoretical modeling of the Kuiper Belt and Dwarf Planets. This special issue calls for results related to the exploration of the Pluto system, the Kuiper Belt, and Kuiper Belt Objects, particularly by New Horizons, ground-based techniques, and NASA’s New Frontiers Data Analysis Program (NFDAP) projects. Papers are solicited from authors across the planetary science community and interdisciplinary papers are welcome.

Revised paper submission deadline: October 1, 2019

Topics of interest include, but are NOT limited to:

  • Geologic mapping and geomorphologic analyses
  • Geophysical and geochemical modeling
  • Particle or plasma data
  • Dynamical or collisional evolution modeling
  • Analysis of the composition and photometric properties
  • Atmospheric measurements or modeling
  • Ground- or space-based telescopic data
  • Laboratory analysis of analog materials

Sincerely, the Guest Editors:  Alan Stern, Rick Binzel, Will Grundy, Kelsi Singer, Oliver White