Graduate Student Opportunities: Planetary Petrology and Geochemistry Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Florida

The Elardo Planetary Geochemistry Group at the University of Florida in Gainesville has opportunities for highly motivated students seeking graduate degrees with an emphasis in Planetary Petrology and Geochemistry. Potential projects cover a wide range of topics in petrology and geochemistry, with specific opportunities including stable isotopic studies of planetary formation, differentiation, and core formation, and the origin, structure, and evolution of the Moon’s mantle. Students would join a group that utilizes experimental petrology in the newly established Experimental Geochemistry Lab, microbeam studies of meteorites and Apollo samples, and non-traditional stable isotope geochemistry to answer questions about these topics. The Department of Geological Sciences at UF is well-equipped with a wide array of instrumentation and resources available for these studies.

PhD and MSc positions (PhD preferred) are available as early as Fall 2020. For more information, please contact Prof. Stephen Elardo ([email protected]) with a C.V. and a brief description of research interests and experience. More information about the Department of Geological Sciences and the Planetary Geochemistry Group can be found here at and