New Maps Added to the LPI’s Lunar South Pole Atlas

In support of NASA’s effort to explore the lunar south pole, including the Artemis program’s scheduled landing there of the first woman and next man in 2024, the LPI continues to expand its Lunar South Pole Atlas. Recent additions include:

  • Slope Map of the Moon’s South Pole (85°S to Pole)
  • Near-Surface Temperatures Modeled for the Moon’s South Pole (85°S to Pole)
  • Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Narrow Angle Camera Mosaic of the Moon’s South Pole
  • Slope Map between Shackleton and de Gerlache Craters, Lunar South Pole
  • Topographic Contour Map of the Moon’s South Pole Ridge
  • Slope Map of the Moon’s South Pole Ridge

The maps utilize data obtained by the DIVINER, LOLA, and LROC instruments on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft, which continues to orbit the Moon today.  Full citations for the data sources are posted with the maps in the atlas.  The maps are products of LPI’s Regional Planetary Image Facility (RPIF), sponsored by NASA’s Planetary Science Division, and the LPI-JSC Center for Lunar Science and Exploration, supported by NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI).