PhD Opportunity, Mars Surface Studies, University of Hawaii at Mānoa

Motivated student sought to pursue research relevant to the Mars 2020 rover investigation, which will land in Jezero Crater in early 2021. (See Area of specialization will be determined based on mutual interest and the details of the geology encountered by the rover, but might include some combination of analysis of geologic features observed in multispectral image data, quantitative modeling of the observed features, and interpretation in the context of the regional to global history of Mars. In addition, a proportion of the student’s time will be spent on mission operations in support of the Mastcam-Z stereo multispectral camera investigation. A good grounding in geosciences, physics, and mathematics is desirable, as is previous planetary, volcanology, or Mars-focused research, and/or experience in mission operations. For more information please contact Sarah Fagents ([email protected]). The UH Mānoa application deadline is January 15, 2020.