Postdoc Position: Evolution and Present-day State of Marsโ€™ Subsurface Environment

The Institute of Planetary Research at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Berlin invites applications for a postdoc position within the framework of a DLR junior research group. The group investigates the thermochemical evolution of Mars and Venus and employs an interdisciplinary approach that combines large-scale geodynamical models of thermal evolution with petrological and geological datasets. The successful candidate will combine geomorphological analysis of the Martian surface with modeling of the subsurface thermal environment of Mars. The goal of the project is to collect a large and diverse dataset about the geomorphology, spectroscopy and mineralogy of the Martian surface. These data, combined with results from large-scale geodynamical models of the Martian interior, will be applied to interpret the evolution and present-day state of the subsurface environment of Mars. In particular, this work will be used to provide constraints on the past and present-day distribution of potential subsurface water on Mars and to identify possible habitable regions in the Martian subsurface.

Candidates should hold a PhD in Planetary Science, Geology, Geophysics or closely related field.

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Contact information: Dr. Ana-Catalina Plesa ([email protected])