University of Oxford โ€“ Associate Professorship (or Professorship) of the Geology of Planetary Processes

Department of Earth Sciences, South Parks Road in association with St Hughโ€™s College, Oxford

We seek to appoint an Associate Professor (or Professor) of the Geology of Planetary Processes to start no later than July 31, 2020. The successful candidate will work at the Department of Earth Sciences and will hold a Non-tutorial Fellowship at St Hughโ€™s College. The appointment will be initially for 5 years at which point, upon completion of a successful review, the postholder will be eligible for reappointment to the retiring age.

We welcome applications from scientists working in all quantitative aspects of geology and planetary processes, in particular those focussed on applying innovative techniques to develop our understanding of the origin and evolution of the Earth and related planetary bodies. Areas of interest might include (but are not limited to) the processes controlling: the evolution of the protoplanetary disk and how the earliest solids formed; the mineralogical and chemical evolution of planetary interiors; the physical and chemical evolution of planetary crusts; the cycling of elements between the planetary surface and interior; and the geological and geochemical changes after accretion that result in a planet becoming capable of supporting life. This post is advertised at the same time as a second Associate Professorship of Climate and Earth Surface Processes at University College.

The successful applicant will be expected to engage in original research in the field of the Geology of Planetary Processes, and related subjects, secure research funding and engage in the management of research projects. They will also be expected to teach at undergraduate and graduate level including lectures, classes, demonstrations and project supervision. They will be expected to take part in University examining as and when requested to do so, and to participate in the administration of the department as and when requested by the Head of Department. The main duties of the college are to engage in advanced study and research, act as a College Adviser for graduate students and take part in the governance and administration of the College.

The successful candidate will have a doctorate in Earth Sciences or a closely related subject; evidence of substantial research accomplishments and/or potential; the ability to teach effectively at an undergraduate and graduate level including in the field; excellent interpersonal skills; and an ability to attract research funding and develop an independent programme of research. The appointee will be a Fellow of St Hughโ€™s College. READ MORE