Planetary Science Postdoctoral Position at National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), Bhubaneswar, India

School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, NISER, is looking for highly motivated candidates interested in areas of surface compositional and morphological studies of inner solar system rocky and outer solar system icy bodies, geologic and geochemical evolution, planetary geology and early Earth geology, asteroids and comets, meteorites and planetary analogue/sample, etc.

PhDs with Planetary Science / Geoscience / Physics / Chemistry or relevant background may apply. Candidates with good expertise and research quality in the mentioned areas are preferred. The position is for three years, subject to performance and review each year.

Providing opportunities to work with various planetary science datasets in close collaboration with leading national and international institutes and experts in the field, and a working culture with promising science results and publications in reputed peer-reviewed journals, are the mandate for opening the positions.

For more information, please contact Guneshwar Thangjam, and details of the school and the advertisement.