Research Assistant, Science Graduate (Impact Cratering Studies)

The Universities Space Research Association’s Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) invites applications for a Research Assistant, Science Graduate in Impact Cratering Studies. Applicants should have a recent Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in planetary science, geoscience, astronomy, physics or a related field.

The successful candidate will join Dr. Edgard G. Rivera-Valentín in studying impact cratering on the icy moons of Saturn and our Moon, specifically investigating impact-induced changes in surface composition with implications for Solar System formation. The projects are interdisciplinary in nature and involve numerical simulations of planetary surface processes, as well as spacecraft data analysis and data management. The selected candidate will conduct impact cratering models, crater counts, and studies of cratering morphologies.

Required expertise includes: experience in numerical and statistical techniques, proficiency in a common astronomy programming language (e.g., IDL, MATLAB, Python), and demonstrated knowledge in impact cratering. Candidates with experience in a wide array of subfields in planetary science (e.g., planetary radar, astrobiology), as well as experience conducting interdisciplinary research across the Solar System are particularly encouraged to apply. READ MORE