First Announcement ESO Summer Research Programme 2020

First announcement

++++ ESO Summer Research Programme 2020 ++++
++++ ESO-HQ, Garching b. München, Germany ++++
++++ 2nd July – 11th August 2020 ++++

The ESO Summer Research Programme provides the unique opportunity to students, not yet enrolled into a PhD programme, to carry out a 6-week long research project at the ESO Headquarters in Garching (Germany). This fully-funded programme will allow the participants to choose between a wide range of research projects, covering many areas of astronomy from exoplanets to cosmology. The ESO Summer Research Programme will also provide opportunities beyond research, including lectures, a mini-workshop, and social activities.



The Summer Research Programme at ESO is an exceptional opportunity for students to work inside an institute that is both the headquarters (HQ) of the most productive observatory in the world and a top-class research organisation. People at ESO’s HQ are active in research and are also designing and operating cutting-edge telescopes and their instruments, including: the VLT; ALMA; and the forthcoming ELT, which will be the world’s biggest optical-near infrared telescope.

Travel costs to/from Garching will be covered for participants of the programme. Accommodation will be provided, free of charge, in a shared apartment in Garching (with electricity, heating and internet all included). Students will also be provided with a modest stipend to cover living costs during the programme.

Interested students should carefully read the eligibility criteria and application instructions before submitting their application through our online form. Further information is on our website: and any enquiries should be sent via email to:


Important Deadlines

Applications open: 11th December 2019
Application deadline: 5th February 2020
Announcement of application results: Week of 16 March 2020
Deadline for accepting offers: Late March / Early April 2020
The Summer Research Programme: 2nd July – 11th August 2020