Early Career Travel Support for Lunar Surface Science Workshop

Students and Early Career folks,

NASA is graciously going to support sending students and early career folks to the Lunar Surface Science (read: Artemis science) Workshop in April. Sarah Noble is working hard to ensure that NextGen can participate in this invitation-only workshop without necessarily having to submit an abstract. 

If you’re interested in attending, Sarah is looking for people to serve as documentarians and session facilitators. For those documenting the meeting, there is an expectation that a report will be written (and potentially published) following the meeting. See the Lunar Surface Science Workshop Travel Support webpage for details.

This is a great way to attend this important workshop, participate in Artemis planning, and give back to the community. Please note that even if you attend as a documentarian, you are serving as more than a note-taker. You are working to record information that will assist in sending humans back to the Moon, and you will be given the change to lend a voice in planning for the science that can be done when we return.