Invitation to Submit Abstracts to COSPAR 2020

Dear colleague,

We would like to kindly invite you to submit an abstract to COSPAR 2020 session B0.7:
“Planetary Exploration, Horizon 2061: report to COSPAR and discussion”.

“Planetary Exploration, Horizon 2061” is a long-term foresight exercise led by scientists, engineers and technology experts whose objective is to draw a long-term picture of the four pillars of planetary exploration:

(1) our major scientific questions on planetary systems;
(2) the different types of space missions that we need to fly;
(3) the key technologies we need to master;
(4) the ground-based and space-based infrastructures and services needed.

Its principal motivations are to inspire international collaborations to better meet technology and mission challenges and increase the overall science return of planetary exploration, and to share with the communities and leaders its major scientific questions and technological challenges.

The main objective of this session is to present and discuss the conclusions of this foresight exercise to the participants to the COSPAR General Assembly (Sydney, Australia, August 15th to 22nd), to invite additional contributions, and to stimulate future long-term forward-look activities related to the sciences and technologies of Planetary Exploration.

Whether you have been involved in the three successive meetings of the Horizon 2061 foresight and wish to present your specific contributions to this exercise, or you have not but wish to contribute your ideas to this exercise and discuss its results, we very much welcome your participation to this session.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is February 14th.

For submission of your abstract, please visit: