Job Vacancies in Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Dali Kong is a research professor at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is now leading a team mainly working on planetary fluid mechanics and magnetohydrodynamics, under funding received from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Space Agency. The themes of researches include planetary interior structure, equation of state (EOS), rotating convection and planetary dynamo. Especially, in the vision of Chinaโ€™s future space exploration missions, relevant applicational studies are also carried out. For the above reasons, the research team is now recruiting assistant professors and/or post-doc fellows, who are supposed to work independently on the three grounds as below outlined.

1.           China is pushing forward an ambitious Solar-system exploration agenda. Scientific expertise is critical for mission planning, scheduling and implementing. Because of that, we are looking for a candidate who is devoted to mission-oriented studies of planetary space, surface or interior conditions. The candidate is expected to have a good knowledge of fluid mechanics or magnetohydrodynamics.

2.           We are building an experimental apparatus conducting laboratory simulations of precession/libration driven fluid dynamics. This mechanism is believed to be one of possible power sources of planetary dynamo. The fluid experiment will also be extended to study fluid-terrain coupling near planetographic boundary. We therefore demand engineering staffs whose profession is in civil engineering, electrics, data acquisition, controlling, mechanics or other helpful fields.

3.           Geophysical and astrophysical fluid dynamics usually requires massive-scale computations. It is not easy to develop a numerical software that can make full use of the potential hardware power of computing facilities. We are looking for an expert in numerical computing who can make significant progress in designing dedicated algebraic pre-conditioners in order to achieve an ever-best scalability of fully 3D finite-element simulations based on general non-structured polyhedral meshes.

Any queries about the salary package, working conditions or job application are welcome to Dr. Kong directly via either email: [email protected] or telephone: +86-21-34775637/+8615618872818.