Official 2020 MEPAG Goals Document Now Finalized and Available

Dear MEPAG Community,

The MEPAG Goals Committee has completed the 2020 revision of the MEPAG Goals Document. The main document and two supplementary tables (a hierarchical summary showing all goals, objectives, sub-objectives, and investigations + a table identifying cross-cutting connections between investigations under different goals) can be found at

This has been an extensive revision, following on from a partial revision in 2018 and the last full revision in 2015, and incorporating many changes to reflect the advances in our understanding of Mars in that time. This revision has been the product of not only the (volunteer) MEPAG Goals Representatives, but also the community as a whole through broad input from the 9th International Mars Conference (Summer 2019), community input before re-writing commenced in the Fall of 2019, and finally community feedback of a first draft in Winter of 2020. We hope that releasing this revision at this time can help enable its use in Decadal Survey White Papers, and will serve the community in general for the next few years before we solicit community input again for another revision.

-Don Banfield, MEPAG Goals Chair (for the whole MEPAG Goals Committee)