Job Opportunity: Instrument Scientist, Mass Spectrometry, at NASA GSFC

The Planetary Environments Lab (PEL) at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD is seeking an instrument scientist, with an emphasis on mass spectrometry, for a civil servant position opening. The candidate must have expertise in a variety of mass spectrometry techniques, with experience in the development, testing, and implementation of current and next generation mass spectrometer techniques. The PEL has developed mass spectrometers and sampling systems for a variety of planetary missions, including: Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) on the Curiosity rover, MOMA on the ExoMars rover, MAVEN NGIMS, Cassini-Huygens GCMS, Cassini INMS, LADEE NMS, and is presently developing mass spectrometers for lunar missions and the mass spectrometer on the Dragonfly mission to Titan.

For more information on the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Planetary Environment Lab, please visit:

NASA recognizes that candidates with non-traditional career paths, or individuals who are at earlier stages of their careers may have demonstrated experience in different ways. NASA encourages applications from such individuals.

Application Process

Please note that this is a fair and open competition that all U.S. Citizens and Status candidates can apply to.

A full vacancy announcement, which contains further information including qualification requirements and application instructions, will be posted to on May 18, and remain open for Five (5) days. The short period that the announcement is open is due to the type of hiring authority, which streamlines the hiring process and assists with rapidly filling competitive positions. It is not a reflection of the openness of the position. Advance notice of the vacancy is being provided to allow interested scientists to prepare. In order to apply for this position, you will only need to submit your resume and answer the screening questions and supplemental information through USAJOBS.

Given the short period the announcement will be open, it is a good idea to log into USAJOBS before and update your username, password, resume, etc., to facilitate the timely submission of an application.

Candidates interested in being notified when this job opportunity is posted on USAJOBS and opened for five days are encouraged to sign up for a notification using the features of the USAJOBS website.

Further Information

Candidates interested in this opportunity are encouraged to contact NASA well in advance so they can make a well informed decision on submitting an application during the very short (5 day) window when the job opportunity will be open for applications.  Questions about this anticipated opening may be directed to the Chief of the Planetary Environments Lab: Charles Malespin,