EPSC–Session SB4: Surface and Interior Dynamics of Asteroids and Meteorite Parent Bodies

We would like to invite you to submit a contribution to session SB4: “Surface and interior dynamics of asteroids and meteorite parent bodies ” for this year’s EPSC conference.

The session will gather researchers of different communities for a better understanding of the evolution and properties of small bodies, in particular the parent bodies of meteorites.
It will address recent progress made on physical and chemical properties of these objects, their interrelations and their evolutionary paths by observational, experimental, and theoretical approaches.

We welcome contributions on the studies of the processes on and the evolution of specific parent bodies of meteorites, investigations across the continuum of small bodies (comets, planetesimals, asteroids, dwarf planets) ranging from local and short-term to global and long-term (thermal and thermochemical) processes, studies of the surface dynamics on small bodies, studies of exogenous and endogenous driving forces of the processes involved, as well as statistical and numerical impact models for asteroids observed closely within recent missions (e.g., Hayabusa2, New Horizons, OSIRIS-REx).

More information about the session and a link to abstract submission can be found at:


The abstract deadline is 24 June 2020.

EPSC2020 will be held as a virtual meeting with several live activities scheduled between 21 September – 9 October 2020. More detailed information about the conference format can be found at the conference website https://www.epsc2020.eu/.

Best regards,
The Conveners