Ask an Astrobiologist with Dr. Eddie Schwieterman

Episode 33: June 16th at 10:00am Pacific time.
Simulcast live on Facebook, Livestream and SAGANet.

Please join us as we welcome Dr. Eddie Schwieterman, an astrobiologist and astronomer interested in studying planetary habitability and remote biosignatures to uncover the distribution of life in the Universe. Eddie received his undergraduate degrees from the Florida Institute of Technology in Physics and Astrophysics and his PhD in Astronomy and Astrobiology from the University of Washington in Seattle, working with the Virtual Planetary Laboratory and his advisor Dr. Victoria Meadows. After receiving his PhD, Eddie spent three years as a NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow at the University of California, Riverside working with the Alternative Earths team led by Dr. Timothy Lyons. Dr. Schwieterman is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech and will be starting as an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Riverside next month.