Dragonfly Student and Early Career Investigator Program

  • Have you dreamed of flying on another world?
  • Have you imagined a desert world where the sand dunes are made of the building blocks of life, and it rains methane?
  • Are you prepared to be a part of a journey to the most Earth-like and yet alien world in the solar system?

This world is Saturn’s moon Titan, and Dragonfly, the mission headed to it, seeks Student & Early Career Investigators.


  • Eligible students must be pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in the physical sciences, computer sciences, or engineering at a U.S. institution
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct independent research or development
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills (written and oral)
  • In addition to identifying a mentor on the Dragonfly team, applicants must identify a faculty member at their home institution who can serve as a faculty mentor for the 2-year duration of their participation in the program
  • Eligible applicants must be U.S. citizens.

Application deadline: July 29, 2020

Questions? Email DragonflySEOContact@jhuapl.edu or visit Dragonfly for more information.