AGU 2020 Session on Planetary Accretion and Differentiation

We invite contributions to the session “Accretion and differentiation of rocky planets: perspectives from geophysics, geochemistry, & astronomy” at the AGU Fall Meeting December 7-11, 2020, which will be at least partially virtual this year. We welcome contributions from all disciplines to advance the understanding of the formation and differentiation of rocky planets including, but not limited to, geochemistry, geophysics, cosmochemistry, planetary science, and astronomy. The AGU abstract portal is already open, and the deadline for submissions is Wednesday, July 29, 2020.

Visit the session webpage at

Session description: The simultaneous advent of high-resolution observations of planet-forming disks and enhanced prospects to characterize rocky exoplanets highlights the need for increasing interdisciplinary collaboration to understand the birth and life cycle of terrestrial worlds in our solar system and exoplanetary systems. Therefore, this session welcomes abstracts that address new observational, theoretical, and laboratory constraints on the formation of Earth and other terrestrial planets in the solar system as well as in exoplanetary systems. This includes modeling, observational, and experimental studies related to properties of planetesimals, impacts, pebble accretion, core segregation, moon formation, crust–mantle differentiation, atmosphere formation, or other major geophysical/geochemical processes that fundamentally shape the evolution of rocky planetesimals and planets during their formation and early evolution.

Conveners: Laura Schaefer (Stanford), Rebecca Fischer (Harvard), Tim Lichtenberg (Oxford)
Invited Speakers: Bethany Chidester (UC Davis), Jennifer Bergner (UChicago)
Sections: Study of Earth’s Deep Interior (primary), Mineral and Rock Physics, Planetary Science
Themes: Origin and evolution, Planetary atmospheres, Planetary interiors, Planetary Geochemistry