AGU 2020 Session P006: Carbon Across the Solar System on the Eve of Returning Asteroid Samples

We invite abstracts to be submitted to our session through July 29:

Studies of the existence and state of carbonaceous material on Solar System bodies is at the forefront of planetary research. Samples of low-albedo asteroid 162173 Ryugu are en route to the Earth on the Hayabusa2 probe, and a rehearsal of the initial sample analysis is planned. At this time, the OSIRIS-REx space probe sampling of low-albedo asteroid 101955 Bennu has been rehearsed. As a framework for these studies, telescopic, laboratory and theoretical studies of carbon in all its forms have recently snowballed. The 2018 SSERVI Carbon in the Solar System workshop launched a series of presentations and discussions at various planetary science venues, enabling an information exchange around the weathering of carbonaceous compounds in response to thermal processes and irradiation, and what implications these compositions have for understanding material processing in the Solar System. We will generate and share ideas to support research and the imminent arrival of new samples.


Faith Vilas (Planetary Science Institute

Amanda R. Hendrix (Planetary Science Institute)