AGU 2020 Session P012: Enceladus: A Habitable World Beckons

Saturn’s small yet active icy moon remains one of the most scientifically compelling worlds in the solar system.

In this long-running special session, now in its 15th year, we seek to sustain a highly multidisciplinary and stimulating atmosphere that enables a deeper understanding of the nature and causes of Enceladus’ activity. We encourage submissions that specifically provide insights into the moon’s interior, biological potential, surface morphology, south polar plume, and space environment from diverse disciplines: e.g., planetary geology, comparative planetology of relevant icy satellites, terrestrial studies, hydrothermal systems, oceanography, geodynamics, tectonics, volcanology, space physics, organic chemistry, geochemistry, astrobiology, origins of life, microbiology, and biosignatures. Field, laboratory, and theoretical studies are all welcome.

We also welcome contributions on Cassini data analysis and modeling, as well as instrument and mission concept developments that will lay the groundwork for a new generation of explorers to Enceladus.

Abstract submission deadline: July 29, 2020
Abstract submission link:

Chris Glein (Southwest Research Institute)
Bill McKinnon (Washington University in St. Louis)