Planetary Science Education Session at GSA this Fall

If you are interested in planetary science and education, please consider submitting an abstract to the following session for this fallโ€™s GSA:

T. 124 To Boldly Go: Thoughts, Approaches, and Examples for Teaching Planetary Science and Integrating Students into the Research Process.

The goal of this session is to start a conversation about pedagogical approaches folks use when teaching about planetary science at all levels (K through grad school). Because the content we teach is constantly changing/being updated, what are the core ideas we want to make sure our students walk away with in planetary courses and what are the best ways to do that? Similarly, what approaches do faculty take when trying to teach planetary-related research methods to their students?

To submit an abstract or to find out more about all the great planetary sessions offered at GSA this year, please visit:ย

Abstract submission deadline is August 4th.