Mars Exploration Science Monthly Newsletter for October 2020

Mars Community,

On behalf of R. Aileen Yingst (MEPAG Chair), Rich Zurek, Brandi Carrier, and Dave Beaty of the Mars Program Science Office, the October 2020 edition of the Mars Exploration Science Monthly Newsletter can be found attached and on the web at: In this newsletter, we continue to update the upcoming conference schedule with postponements, cancellations, and conversions to virtual meetings.

The newsletter meeting calendar has been updated to include:

Black Physicists (NSBP) Annual Virtual Meeting, Nov. 5-8, 2020, with deadlines before the next newsletter (

IEEE Intโ€™l Instrumentation & Measurement Technology, March 6-13, 2021 โ€“ Has been changed to a Virtual Meeting (

We hope everyone remains safe and healthy within these stressful, rapidly evolving, social-isolating times.

Please send your Mars community announcements and calendar items for inclusion in the newsletter to Barbara at: [email protected]