MEPAG VM10 2nd Information Circular

Members of the Mars community,

I cordially invite you to participate in the next virtual meeting (VM10) of the Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG), scheduled on Tuesday, October 20th, 2020, at 1:00 pm-4:15 pm EDT.  The meeting will be recorded and the chat box comments captured for those of you who are unable to attend.  Those items will be posted at

The agenda is below and includes updates about recent MEPAG, Mars Exploration Program, and Decadal Survey activities, with an extended discussion on Planetary Protection (PP) developments.  Scott Hubbard will provide an overview of recent NASEM Reviews (e.g., Assessment of the Report of NASAโ€™s Planetary Protection Independent Review Board) and Lisa Pratt will discuss the formation of the NASEM Committee on Planetary Protection (CoPP) and other responses to various external reviews. Additionally, Curt Niebur will give a presentation about the New Frontiers 5 AO Status, and Justin Filiberto will discuss a new LPI initiative: Brines across the Solar System.

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This meeting is open to all members of the Mars science community including our international colleagues, and I look forward to your participation.


Dr. R. Aileen Yingst

PDT Topic Speaker EDT
10:00 AM MEPAG Update R. A. Yingst 1:00 PM
10:10 AM Changes in MEP Leadership E. Ianson, M. Meyer 1:10 PM
10:35 AM Decadal Survey Update D. Smith 1:35 PM
10:50 AM NASEM Reviews and Recommendations for Planetary Protection S. Hubbard 1:50 PM
11:35 AM Break 2:35 PM
11:45 AM NASEM Committee on Planetary Protection (CoPP) and other responses to external reviews L. Pratt 2:45 PM
12:30 PM LPI’s New Initiative: Brines Across the Solar System J. Filiberto 3:30 PM
12:35 PM NF5 AO Status and Request for Community Input C. Niebur 3:35 PM
12:55 PM Findings/Action Items R. A. Yingst 3:55 PM
1:15 PM End 4:15 PM