Request for Information on the Planetary Data Ecosystem (PDE)

The NASA Planetary Science Division is conducting an independent review of the Planetary Data Ecosystem (PDE), defined as the ad hoc connected framework of activities and products that are built upon and support the data collected by planetary space missions and research programs which are primarily NASA funded. Many familiar tools and databases are part of the PDE, including (but not limited to):ย ADS, AstroMat, DAPs, data policies & standards, JMars, JPL Horizons, MAPSIT, NASA Github, PDS, Planetary Geologic Mapping, Planetary Photojournal, Quickmap, RPIFs, and USGS Astrogeology ISIS3.ย The PDE Independent Review Board will review the current state of the PDE and provide findings and prioritized, actionable recommendations that will be used to develop an optimal PDE long-term strategy.ย 

To this end, NASA is seeking information and gathering community feedback on the PDE via a Request for Information (RFI), with responses due November 9, 2020.ย  We encourage the planetary sciences community to provide input via this RFI. The full text of the RFI and response instructions can be found at:ย