Amity University: Earth & Space Exploration Resident Scientist Program

Are you an Earth/Planetary Science Researcher experienced in field work? โ€‹Are you passionate about mentoring and inspiring the next generation of explorers? โ€‹Are you interested to live and work in Ladakh, India, for a month in June-October 2021, mentoring student teams?

Amity University is seeking applications from Astrobiology, Earth, and Planetary Science Researchers for our Earth and Space Exploration Program in Ladakh, India, starting June 2021. โ€‹The opportunity allows the resident scientist to conduct their own research in Ladakh and serve as mentors and role-models for incoming student teams. The program will cover return airfare, meals and stay expenses in New Delhi and Ladakh for the duration of residence for the scientist. (Visa application and COVID-related travel assistance will be provided for international scientists.) Resident Scientists will get an opportunity to join an international team of researchers helping build the program being driven by Amity University Mumbai.

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Are you a student, teacher, researcher or a space/climate enthusiast? โ€‹Do you want to experience Mars exploration, learn about our changing environment, personally guided and trained by leading Space and Earth scientists? โ€‹Do you wish to be an ambassador for Earth’s changing climate and the sustainable exploration of Space?

Mars Amity Research Station Program will allow teams of individuals to visit, stay and work at Mars analogue sites, guided by scientists, help collect scientific data, study terrain features and train to become the Explorers of Tomorrow!

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