Job Opportunity: Modeling of Plume Surface Interactions, Texas A&M University

A three-year PhD opportunity is available for a student who will be working on modeling of plume surface interactions (PSI) for Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) class lunar landers. Interactions between the surface and multiple spacecraft generated plumes during descent profile need to be studied, modeled, and understood, with a specific focus on establishing ejecta trajectories and thermal effects to prevent payload and spacecraft damage. This is an exciting and emerging field of study, and you will be working very closely with our industry partners Masten Space Systems (MSS) on this as well other potential advanced concepts, with strong ties to fundamental research that advances the state of the art in modeling PSI. MSS will be conducting rocket tests to develop an understanding of the core physics for PSI that will feed the verification and validation of the models that will be developed as part of your project. Your efforts will not only culminate in your PhD degree, but your work will be instrumental in facilitating an actual landing on the south pole of the Moon in December 2022. US Person designation preferred to enable access to engine data.

Contact Advisor Dr. Zohaib Hasnain, Texas A&M University ([email protected])