Rock, Ice and Dust: Interpreting Planetary Data Workshop, March 23 – 26

The SOFIA Science center and the SOC are excited to invite you to the Rock, Ice and Dust: Interpreting Planetary Data workshop, which will happen online on March 23 – 26, 2021 from 8 – 11 a.m. Pacific Time.

We solicit contributions for posters and short talks. The abstract submission deadline is March 9, 2021, and we welcome attendance from scientists at any career level, especially early career scientists. Registration is free but necessary to attend. Register online.

Workshop Description

How can we leverage multi-wavelength observations, radiative transfer theory, and laboratory work to characterize planetary solids? This four-day virtual workshop will bring together observers, modelers, and laboratory astronomers to discuss the interpretation of observations of rocks, ices and dust on and around solar system objects. A large variety of complementary observational techniques will be featured,ย via invited and contributed presentations, as well as different methods to constrain solidsโ€™ fundamental properties such as composition, porosity, thermal inertia, and grain size distribution. The workshop is organized by the SOFIA Science Center, and a special emphasis will be put on mid- and far-IR data. Each daily three-hour session will include ample time for moderated interdisciplinary discussions. The fourth day will be dedicated to a moderated discussion on databases, archives, and public codes.