Abstract Deadline Approaching for Goldschmidt Session: Advances in the Chronology of Planetary Materials

1f: “Advances in the chronology of planetary materials ”
Abstract Deadline: February 26, 2021

Accurate and precise chronology is a key component in our understanding of planetary processes, from the earliest accretion events through to recent volcanism and impacts. Compared to most terrestrial geochronology, available samples are rare, of limited size, or often more complex due to interactions with the space environment. Deciphering the chronology of these unique samples requires dating methods that can be performed either in situ or on very small volumes, in order to preserve the bulk of the sample and/or to resolve their often complicated histories. With multiple sample return missions underway or planned in the next decade (e.g. OSIRIS-Rex, Chang’e 5 and MSR), outlining the state-of-the-art, identifying current limitations, and defining a vision for the future is of utmost importance. To this end, we invite presentations from across the entire range of isotopic dating systems and analytical methods currently applied to planetary samples, as well as those which influence our interpretation of sample chronology. In addition to case studies highlighting what can be achieved with current methodologies and understanding, presentations that describe future methodological developments of relevance to planetary materials are welcome. For more information, visit https://2021.goldschmidt.info/goldschmidt/2021/meetingapp.cgi/Session/1999.