Prebiotic Chemistry and Early Earth Environments: A New Seminar Series

The NASA Astrobiology Program invites you to share and discover the Research Coordination Network’s new Seminar Series:  Prebiotic Chemistry and Early Earth Environments (PCE3). The PCE3 Seminar Series is designed to highlight diverse origins of life research from all over the world, spark interdisciplinary discussion, and facilitate research connections among the PCE3 community. A primary goal of this series is to showcase the work of talented early-career scientists in PCE3 sciences.

The series will begin on Thursday, June 3rd, from 1:00–2:30 p.m. (EDT) and will be held every third Thursday continuously. Shifts in the seminar hours will occur with notice later in the year for the inclusion of participants in Europe/Australasia. Additionally, sessions will be recorded with the speakers’ permission and uploaded to the PCE3 YouTube Channel.

Each seminar will feature two speakers (~25 minutes each) at an early-career stage, supplemented by brief overviews and occasional presentations from mid-to-late career researchers. Speakers are asked to present recent research geared for the non-specialist, followed by a discussion with the audience. Our aim is that the talks will lay a foundation for stimulating discussions and collaborations.

We are excited to have Zoe Todd and Zachary Cohen from the University of Washington speaking in the first week. The titles of their talks are:

Zoe Todd:  What Can the Planetary Environment Tell Us About Origins of Life?

Zachary Cohen:  Prebiotic Membranes Are Tough and Accommodating:  Solute Encapsulation and Peptide Formation in Evaporative Environments on the Early Earth.