Astrobiologist Opening at JHU APL’s Space Exploration Sector

Are you motivated to understand the origin of life, the habitability of other planets, and whether we are alone? If so, consider applying to join our growing program in astrobiology research at JHU APL!

As a world leader in space science and in the development and operation of NASA-funded missions and instruments that will explore potentially habitable worlds, APL is poised to make major contributions to this growing field. APL is committed to expanding its astrobiology research program, particularly for Ocean Worlds, and is seeking a scientist who will pursue groundbreaking advancements in developing and establishing future astrobiological initiatives, lead proposals for astrobiology research and technology development, and demonstrate scientific leadership through scholarly publications and conference presentations. The opportunity also exists for collaboration with APL’s Applied Biological Sciences Group, which maintains laboratory and informatics resources focused on microbiological and aerosol sciences, autonomous bio-sensing, and environmental metagenomics sequencing.

At APL, we offer a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere where you can bring your authentic self to work, continue to grow, and build strong connections with inspiring teammates.

More information can be found here:

The evaluation of candidates will begin on or about June 30, 2021.