Call for Applications to the Measurements Definition Team for International Mars Ice Mapper

On July 26, NASA and the Canadian, Italian, and Japanese space agencies released a call for applications for membership on the joint ASI/CSA/JAXA/NASA Measurement Definition Team for the International Mars Ice Mapper Mission (I-MIM). I-MIM would map and characterize accessible (within the uppermost 10 m) subsurface water ice and its overburden in mid-to-low latitudes to support planning for potential human surface missions to Mars. This (unfunded) opportunity is open to scientists, engineers, and other qualified and interested individuals from institutions worldwide. For reasons of cost, time, and safety, most of the MDTโ€™s work will be carried out using email and tele/video conferences.

The full text of this call and all associated documentation and application materials can be found at

Applications are due August 23, 2021.