NASA InSight Mission InSightSeers Program Applications Open

The NASA InSight team is recruiting a third round of “InSightSeers.” This program is intended to expose early-career scientists to the experience of working on a mission science team. We are inviting a select number of senior graduate students and early-career scientists to be InSightSeers to observe our next mission science team meeting in October. They will be paired with a mentor from the science team and allowed to observe the virtual science team meeting in its entirety from October 25–29, 2021. We hope that this will provide valuable insight into the work and team dynamics that take place on missions and help early-career scientists make informed decisions about their career paths.

This opportunity is open to graduate students in or beyond their third year of earning their post-graduate degree (Ph.D. or Master’s) or early-career scientists within seven years of receiving their post-graduate degree. InSight is an international team, and we welcome international applicants. Interested candidates should fill out this form and include a short description of their background and research interests, how such an experience could benefit them, and any special interests in particular areas of the InSight mission. Respondents will be selected based upon the anticipated impact on their career path and the alignment of their research interests with the mission’s scientific objectives. Research interests are not limited to Mars-related science but ideally should be aligned with at least one topical area related to the mission. The InSight team recognizes and supports the benefits of having diverse and inclusive communities and expects that such values will be reflected in this opportunity. Questions can be sent to [email protected] with the subject line “InSightSeers”. Application deadline: September 17, 2021.