Announcement of Selections for the Measurement Definition Team on International Mars Ice Mapper

As a part of their collaboration on the International Mars Ice Mapper (I-MIM) mission concept, American, Canadian, Italian, and Japanese space agencies (NASA, CSA, ASI, and JAXA, respectively) invited qualified and interested individuals to apply for membership on the mission’s Reconnaissance/Science Measurement Definition Team (MDT).  This team will help define measurements made by the mission’s radar instrument and trace them to mission requirements, as well as consider opportunities to maximize the mission’s return on investment through additional scientific investigations and opportunities. The MDT selection committee worked diligently to assemble a diverse, multidisciplinary team to accomplish this work. The I-MIM Team is very appreciative of the tremendous turnout, thanks to the interest of so many highly qualified applicants. The collaborating agencies are happy to announce the members of the MDT and look forward to using its findings to advance their joint concept study.

Membership on the Joint ASI/CSA/JAXA/NASA Measurement Definition Team for the International Mars Ice Mapper Mission | Science Mission Directorate